Upgrade your stay

Fill each day with an adventure.

Enhance your time in Tulsa! What if you could have a relaxing sunset bike ride? A bottle of wine on the river? We have everything you need. Take a look at our list of “Upgrade Your Stay” rental options to maximize your Tulsa time.

Bike & Trailer Rentals

We are introducing bicycle and bicycle trailers rentals. These wellness-focused amenities further your unique guest experience. Our bicycle trailers also serve as strollers. Visit our front lobby attendant to reserve your adventure.

River Parks Picnic

Being a short walk from Tulsa’s River Parks, we’re offering a pre-packed basket loaded with local eats, local drinks (brews and wines), and a blanket to make for a picture-perfect picnic.

In-room Yoga

We are excited to offer in-room yoga equipment including yoga blocks, mat, blanket and straps so you can go with the flow from the comfort of your own room.